Our Mission

Aly’s Monkey Movement provides stuffed animal monkeys to children all over the world who may be experiencing a difficult time in their lives. Whether it be the loss of a loved one or a diagnosis that leaves them hospitalized, the list goes on and on. The intention of the monkey is to provide comfort and joy to the child in the midst of their fear. This movement began in 2019 when Aly was preparing for her tenth birthday. Aly had decided that she wanted to give back to her community for her birthday. She sacrificed a birthday party and gifts in exchange for donations to purchase as many monkeys as she could to hand out to boys and girls all over the world. It has thrived ever since. She has presently donated over 2500 monkeys. Aly tags her monkeys with a personalized tag that includes the monkey name. The monkeys are named after the individual who sponsored that monkey. Once the child receives their monkey they’re invited to join www.alysmonkeys.com to share a selfie with their new friend. They then meet a community of people who share love, joy and prayers for these children by name. Aly does larger “monkey drops” where she packages up a larger amount of monkeys, and “drops” them off at a local hospital, fire department, police department, etc… for the monkeys to be there ready for a child in a moment of fear. The healthcare personnel are trusted to use their best judgment to hand out the monkeys individually if they see a need. Aly also sends monkeys through the postal service to children who are not local to our community. She can send them to the child’s home, or hospital, once an address is provided. Sometimes, Aly reaches out to her community for help to “move a monkey”. When she finds a “monkey mover” who can hand deliver a monkey to a child in need, she arranges for the need to be met. We have been told, this is an honor to these individuals. Here at Aly’s Monkey Movement we continue to love, support, and encourage children and their families all over the world. We stand strong in our mission to “Change the world, one monkey at a time.”